The World of Personality


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all those meshing together

being thrown into each other

bumping into each other,

not liking or digging each other

blaming astrology, or society

or the socio economic condition

or the Internet

we bump into each other,

there is never enough space

as the roaches and rats hurdle over

each other for mere crumbs

that’s the life and the old prosaic

saying, “rat race.”

blinding moving,

stumbling, excuse

looking out for the self, or the one’s we

want to help

there also those who don’t want or can’t

be helped

We, these forces bump into each other

The Years

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Can sometimes go by like a blur,

winding down the road, 1000 mph,

in this dark storm

you can’t see it or take notes along the way

a crazy time

a dull time moving by,

days, hours, minutes, a moment

the people who came and  went along the way

you can’t recapture a moment

you can’t recapture a moment

only partially in your mind,

for a brief time

you can’t go home again


it’s sad

but that’s okay


The Cell

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Some people love their cell

other people hate their cell

some people dream of freedom

while others’ never dream

some people only see what’s in front of them

other’s are able to see beyond the walls

the cell is good for some

terrible for others

you can talk and play cards

with your cell mates and laugh

be content in your cell

or sit in a corner alone and brood.

I prefer to brood

and you don’t have to be in jail

or prison to be in a cell

just ask the animals in a


Woke Up Missing

A Dead Tree, Bramerton - - 136945.jpg

This Easter

This writing might seem sentimental

But it is what is

Feeling dreamy and dead

And my grandma was in my dreams

As vivid as standing in front of me

As vivid as writing this poem now

This Easter. And I am not very religious

But i sit in bed this Sunday morning

Knowing she’s been dead ten years

At least. And is causing sadness

Sometimes the worst thing you

Can do is remember a dream

And try to make it real again

This sliced peared heart

boredom vice and need

Voltaire,  sorry but work

hasn’t saved me from boredom

if fact it is the cause of my boredom

too much thinking or imagination, i guess

should i go crazy if all I did was think?


people have,

and that is the game we play.

but that has stopped the good thinking minds

of all time

thinking instead of doing or thinking and doing

but not just doing and doing and doing

something ridiculous

something silly

to your mind and your soul turn to rot

salute thinkers and dreamers

those who can see beyond our

human walls


Are so terrible you don’t want to remember them, like they never did happen. Like some sloppy dream of the mind

somethings are so awful, the shock

Of them won’t let you remember

You can’t dwell on these

Those kind of blows

Those hits that can take down an elephant with one shot from a barrel

You forget you forget you forget

Turn the radio up,

I don’t turn mind’s own

Turn the TV up

I try to forget that it’s there

I don’t WANNA think about that shit

and neither do you

We don’t wanna remember.

At all.

The past at a safe and possible distance.

Warren Buffett

Is the Man in my society

the top investor in the world

how to increase your money legally

he’s a great success at this

“he has lived the dream.”

whatever people mean when they say

he could travel anywhere he wants,

buy any car or home or woman

and that is the dream so many people

want to live

hes being doing this for over fifty years

there is nothing I could say badly about this man,

seems like a good man

he is what he is

and money is what it is