Warren Buffett

Is the Man in my society

the top investor in the world

how to increase your money legally

he’s a great success at this

“he has lived the dream.”

whatever people mean when they say

he could travel anywhere he wants,

buy any car or home or woman

and that is the dream so many people

want to live

hes being doing this for over fifty years

there is nothing I could say badly about this man,

seems like a good man

he is what he is

and money is what it is

Some People Can


Read souls, or its seems like it

blessed with great intuition about others

they are few, but they know your story

before you say anything,  or

just maybe they have met so many people

and know the various personalities in the world

yet, their eyes, their eyes purse through you

they know something, see things

others will not say or can perceive

these knowers interest me and fascinate


I try to be apart of their tribe

sometimes I am able to tell when

two parties I happen to know will

get a long or not

not always, but a lot of times i am


it’s a look in an eye, a walk, the sound

of voice that gives people away

their energy shroud the knowers

and a lot of times that energy

sucks for me,

very few give off that energy

I like, even live for.


Sitting on a Beer

2014-07-30 13 36 06 Miner's Saloon in Manhattan, Nevada.JPG

at the eternal bar

I arrive at  the bar alone and

leave alone.

this is the eternal bar

all those bars: dive bars, tittie bars, sports bars, dark,

bright,smoking bars and non smoking bars

between manual work, studying and home life

there’s eternal anxiety and thoughts shoot thru

my breezy head

the right amount of beer can calm the thoughts down

and prolong tomorrow. A place I don’t wanna be

I’m at the eternal bar, drinking a macho mug

and unsure of what tomorrow may bring.


Lightning 3025.jpg


negative on negative

people against people

anxiety and violence

violence doesn’t have to be


it can just be a feeling of

constant loathing

the people around you or frustrated with

eight-hour days and twelve hours days

not knowing what the next moment may bring

and the going crazy over it

as i am crazy

rush rush,

yell and yell

remember to clean your house

and your car,

go to the grocery store

I hope Elon Musk is right

and the robots take over

Something Blows in the Wind


Some thing blows in the wind

Imagine yourself away from everyone and everything

just yourself, a little house somewhere, with nothing

but trees and wind

and things blow in the wind, all the things

that can not be perceived by the senses

what is wind?

what can not been seen?

do you believe in spirit?

things that can not be explained

with reason by religion or science?

those mysterious cold things

i remember reading something by DH Lawrence and him saying

something about these spirits or souls in search of a body

somebody to attach itself to

perhaps he was right and perhaps he was wrong

it is interesting to think there are things in the wind in

search of body,

and if that is true

what in the hell are they?


The World

Will make you feel guilty for being sick

the world will make you feel guilty about not graduating

from college

the world will make you feel guilty for living with your parents

the world will make you feel guilt for not being good enough

the world will infect you like the flu virus

the world tells the masses to do the same thing

the world hides things from you

the world is not pure

and when I talk about the world,  I’m talking about

People of course

bullshit popular culture

it’s hard for me to relate to 90 percent of people

people call me artist type

whatever that means

but I don’t relate to the world and all its human

serpents in various forms

the world the world

the world

Forgetting Time

Wooden hourglass 3.jpg

This day went by

didn’t have to wake up a 6am

like i do Monday to Friday

i loved that

I woke up at 11am

loved that

I let this Saturday wash over me

it was such a dumb day of looking at

my phone and watching tv,

and eating Chinese food

nothing got accomplished

I’m not proud of this day

sitting on my ass and doing

the dumbest shit, watching the dumbest shit

I should be out hustling like the hustlers say

what’s wrong with me?